BuJo, ELC and Reading Books

As you can see, I have started on my bullet journal (BuJo) but the whole process still took a long time to move forward. I was fortunate that it was coming to the end of August when I decided to embark on this adventure so I had the opportunity not only to lay out a task list and track my work for a week, but to set down some habits to practice over a month, structure a monthly review page and plan out a new September weekly layout which already is a better version of the previous one. As usual lots of fussing and researching went into them but now that the designing part is over (for awhile) I can focus on the journaling.

By the way, I have been taking an online course Experiential Learning Certificate (ELC) for the past 4 weeks and it has been an eye-opener for me. It focuses on David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory and helps us be more aware of the stages of a learning cycle, the various learning styles and the educator role, among other topics. I am understanding my own preferred learning style (“Reflecting”) and how to move through the learning cycle to learn more effectively. I know why most times I feel like I do too much researching, planning, reflecting, analyzing and observing, and less doing. Why I often feel like a perfectionist and why procrastination seems to be a major frustration for me. A key takeaway I observed is that a person’s preferred learning style is not a trait set in stone but a static state, and you can adopt different styles depending on specific learning situations especially if you have a reasonable level of learning flexibility. It’s fascinating, enriching stuff I believe I can apply in my work and life, and there are still another 3 more weeks to go!

I realized I had started on “Curating Your Life” last Friday while still in the middle of reading two other books. The premise of the book intrigued me and I thought maybe it might be fun jumping from one to another when I got bored. “Thinking Fast, and Slow” is a great read but it can get very ‘heavy’ at times. “Head Start” is a thin read but I haven’t had the urge to continue where I left off for awhile now. Still, I am aiming to finish at least one by the end of September. Yes, it is a goal in my BuJo! 😉