Small Steps. Set Goals.

Two weeks into September and this is my first post for the month. If I upload another post by the 30th it would be a bi-monthly streak since I resumed blogging in August. Not too bad, considering. Goal #1: Weekly updates in October.

I have been learning so much about myself and my roles in various teams via the ELC course. There are 2 more weeks to go before it ends and I am already trying to put into practice some of the things I have gleaned. Setting clear, specific goals and taking action no matter how small are just two important reminders.

Bujo Weekly Tracker
This week’s Week Tracker

My bujo is a few weeks in and I have been using it more for tracking my activities and thoughts. I have set up a weekly tracker (which honestly hasn’t been filled up as meticulously as I’d like). The version that I am using utilizes a combination of a running list (an adaptation of the Alastair Method) and time blocking (or boxing). I also have a weekly review, a monthly habit tracker and a quarterly/half-yearly future log laid out. I will be adding “books read” and “learning concepts/theories” collections at some point. I am still working out the ideal page layouts as I go. The journal is useful as a reflection tool thus far but I intend to also use it for effective planning (and sticking to those plans). That’s Goal #2.

I am finding myself reading more often this month. I have chosen to go with “Curating Your Life” and covered more than a third of it already. So far, I noted: that curating is not about balancing, every curation is unique to the individual, it will not be an easy task but a worthwhile one, it is perfectly fine to say “no” and be mediocre in some things you do and areas of your life, the ubiquitous “big rocks, small pebbles, sand and water in a container” story, and a few decent Johari window examples. Nothing especially enlightening at this point to be honest; mostly good reminders. I will be starting on Chapter 5: Choose Greatness next. If I can consistently set aside a small chunk of time to reading (I am clocking 30 minutes every other day), I will be on track to meet my goal of finishing one book this month. If I can do it again in October I might just get another good simple habit going! 🙂

OK, blog post done (going to claim my small reward now)! See you at the next update!


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