Keep Blogging? The Benefits of Writing.

I missed out on posting last December and laboured on whether to continue updating this website with my thoughts and artwork. I had come up with all the reasons why I lapsed, started typing them out explaining myself then realized that instead of questioning my lack of action (for the umpteenth time), I just have to find a better reason to keep going.

I already recognize the benefits of regularly creating artwork and uploading it online – it’s a hobby, keeps my drawing skills from getting too rusty, lets an audience check out my stuff and maybe even open some doors to paid projects. It also adds a bit of visual appeal to this otherwise bland website (e.g. the random egg drawing)! 😁

It’s the blogging part that I somehow felt needed validation.

So, after some online browsing, I came across a few sites highlighting the benefits of writing. Among other things, it helps you list down and describe whatever thoughts and ideas you have filling up your brain and taking up space, including worries, plans, stories, subjects etc. I recall a tip I came across ages ago to keep a notebook beside your bed or on you as often as possible to jot down dreams/inspiration. Writing can help you practice vocabulary and grammar, and expand your mental word bank. It’s a way of improving communication skills. It’s also a good way to review and reflect on happenings – contextualize, solidify your perspective on things and know yourself just that little bit better. It makes you happier.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure hardly anyone reads my blog posts (thank you very much if you do!) so this whole thing is definitely not about gaining eyeballs or growing an audience. It’s about me. So, I think I’ll just keep at it as long as I can and as often as I can. And as always, I welcome the company and appreciate any thoughts you may have on my ramblings/works. Comment box is below.

I’ll give an update on the few projects that I had promised on my next post!

See you soon!

BTW: One way I believe would help prevent me from spending way too much time editing and fussing over my blog is to schedule small time slots explicitly in my weekly timetable. Committing a date and time to an activity/task on paper helps in focusing your attention and getting it done. And making the activity you intend to develop into a habit visible and easy to start on is one of the tips I’ve learned from the book “Atomic Habits” (which is an awesome read and I’ll try to put up a short review soon). This is what I plan to do to make reading a habit too.


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